You Are Average

​You are average.

You don’t have the hustle, drive and complete devotion to making things happen. You settle for less than you deserve all the time. You don’t strive to get more than life offers you. You are a contented son of a bitch.

Have you not heard that hustle is the dark horse of creativity and the cousin of grit and tenacity? Obviously, you haven’t. You’re so full of potentials, yet you would rather exist at a state of inertia.

You’re so average that you do not appreciate yourself. You feel you should be slimmer/shorter than you are. You are so average that you even consider getting a meal a privilege. You just can’t struggle for anything!

Have you ever thought about this? If God your creator was average, would he have created you? He had the option to leave the earth in the shapeless and void state it had before creation, but he just wouldn’t settle for less. That’s too average! And to cap it all up, He created you in his exact same image, nothing witheld. Can’t you see that you were not born to be average?

Don’t be the cub that flocks with chickens. You are the offspring of the great and mighty lion. 

Be ambitious. Go for it and don’t settle. Live your full potential. Believe me, you will eventually realise that you are not AVERAGE.


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