ONL Construction — The Water Wonder Company!

What can we do without water? Absolutely nothing! Water is the very essence of life because it plays a very important role in sustaining human existence, therefore the proper management of this resource has become a top priority.

It is upon this precept that a company was formed, to uphold humanity and ensure that through her operations and expertise, everybody can have constant access to this valuable resource for whatever need necessary.

Welcome to ONL Construction, the water wonder company!

“To be at the fore front of water engineering services and consultancy with optimum dynamism and innovations in Africa.”

“To achieve profitable growth while placing a high degree of performance on water quality and engineering, environmental management and sustainability, project development and execution.”

Who We Are
ONL Construction Limited is a full-service water engineering company established May 2013 under the Company and Allied Matters Decree of 1990 with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

The company specializes in the planning, design, and construction of water facilities for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes.

We are experts at managing the most valuable resource on earth. We look at the way natural water systems behave and design various infrastructures and mechanisms to support our clients in the protection and enhancement of their water supplies.

Right from inception till date, our unwavering passion and commitment to the water industry has been our trademark. At ONL, water is not just our business – it is our passion and the fuel that drives our pursuit of excellence and innovation.

What We Do
ONL is your single source for water engineering solutions. Our expertise includes the following:

• Groundwater investigation, exploration and exploitation.
• Surface water investigation and exploitation
• Water treatment and purification for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes
• Swimming pool designs, construction and fountain works
• Plumbing designs and services
• Others services include EIA and Geotechnical Analysis (Soil test).

Groundwater investigation, exploration and exploitation
Groundwater is often cheaper, more convenient and less vulnerable to pollution than surface water. This makes it a preferred source for public water supplies. Before anything is done, it is important to carry out geophysical survey to measure the physical properties of the ground and determine if there are any anomalies.

At ONL, we tailor surveys to meet the individual project requirements to assess which techniques will provide the required results, including pump test and borehole drilling in sedimentary and basement complex.

Surface water investigation and exploitation
Our team of specialist engineers and scientists combine their experience and skills to offer a comprehensive range of services surface water investigation and exploitation.

These services cover irrigation design and services, water Level measurement, water runoff, discharge measurement etc. We ensure that we produce concise, clear interpretations and reports on all the projects we run.

Water treatment and purification
Keeping water clean and safe for human consumption is a basic amenity that everyone should have access to. This is why we employ the best technology available to remove every form of undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water.

Apart from consumption, water purification may also be designed for a variety of other purposes such as medical and industrial applications.

Swimming pool construction
Swimming pools can be found everywhere, from health clubs and fitness centers to relaxation spots and private residences. It is a delightful place for people of all relax, work out and spend together.

At the design and construction phase of swimming pools, we put the end user into consideration and put into place every feature that will guarantee comfort.

Plumbing designs and services
The way we see it, plumbing is more or less the link between a building structure and the people that occupy it.
Our capabilities include a full range of plumbing, water transmission and distribution network system, irrigation network systems and implementation for both new and renovation projects of all scopes and sizes.

Core Values
Because water is the core of our existence, we are guided by 3 major attributes that water possesses.

1. Excellence – A job done is worth doing well.
From the lowest, deepest, darkest reaches of the earth to the highest top of the tallest mountain, water benefits everyone, sustains all things, and nurtures life everywhere it goes.

At ONL, we invest time to fully understand your processes and ensure we’re providing the best possible solution for your water engineering needs.

2. Accountability – All clients enjoy superior service, every time.
Just like water has no prejudices, we stay accountable to clients at every step of the way. Our core philosophy for success is to work collaboratively with our clients to find the best ways to complete any task we are saddled with.
Our goal is to remain your single source for electrical power solutions. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously.

3. Innovation – We never rest until we find a better way.
Water simply flows. Even when enclosed, it still manages to escape through the tiniest openings or by evaporating into the air.
At ONL, we always apply creativity and initiative in identifying innovative ways to fulfill our clients’ expectations. Every project is treated uniquely because we are not rigid in our approach to work.

That’s the ONL way!

Why Choose Us
Our management team consists of seasoned professionals with a vast management and operational experiences.

Because we know our trade inside and out, we are highly committed to quality delivery. Right from the onset, everything we do is aimed at earning your trust through integrity, credibility and transparency.

The satisfaction of clients is our joy and our track record of excellence is our pride. That’s what we believe and strive towards every single day.

Before you go….

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(A brochure copy for ONL Construction Ltd.)


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